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2018/19 Exhibits

September 4-29 Birds of a Feather

Featuring the art of Rosthern and area artists and craftpersons.

 October 2 – Nov 30 Otherworld

Surreal imagery rendered in photography, textile and paint by Greg Allen, Denise Epp, and Todd Rennebohm

December Hang On to Your Pysanky - Vera Trembach

A tribute to keeping Ukrainian culture and tradition alive.

January – February Joe Fafard: In Print/Imprinter

Woodblock, silkscreen, etchings, lithograph and embossed prints of cows, horses and bison by internationally renowned artist, Joe Fafard.

March Young Artists Program

April – May Paper Wildlife Conservancy – Cate Francis

Features a series of illustrative prints and collages, examining the cohabitation with wildlife on the prairies and highlighting the role that wildlife plays in defining a sense of place and home.

Hang on to Your Pysanky

pysanky1Ten years ago I learned from an old family history book that I was actually twenty-five percent
Ukrainian. My grandmother on my mother’s side married a staunch German Mennonite and followed
his ways which was without music, celebration, or family gatherings. Her Ukrainian heritage was lost to

I became even more interested in Ukrainian history. My husband is one hundred percent Ukrainian and
we follow the Julian calendar and celebrate Christmas and Easter together with the family. Now I bring
the colours, symbols, and folklore into my art. I am inspired mostly by the pagan history and
superstitions that could never be completely dissolved by the Church.
Hang On to Your Pysanky is my tribute to keeping Ukrainian culture and tradition alive. Don’t let the
Dark Faerie Babas or the Nasty Old Crones (my own made-up folklore) steal them away like they were
stolen from my grandmother. Since the discovery of my ancestry, my life is like The Golden Pysanka that
spreads Ukrainian folklore, symbolism, tradition, and culture throughout the land. Embracing the
uncovered part of my heritage will leave long lasting memories for my family and I.


Joe Fafard: In Print/Imprimer

fafardIn Prints/ Imprimer, a solo exhibition of works by internationally renowned, Joe Fafard; one of Canada’s most recognized and prolific artists. Although Fafard may be best known for his work in clay, bronze and steel sculpture, drawing and printmaking have been sustained curiosities throughout his artistic practice. Whether three-dimensional or two-dimensional, his work is characterized by his connection to his rural Saskatchewan roots, his reverence for art history and his inquiry into form.

The exhibition In Prints/ Imprimer presents woodblock, silkscreen, etchings, lithograph and embossed prints of cows, horses and bison, each series a response to or an extension of his sculptural process. While the embossed images offer beautifully subtle forms, the woodblocks are arresting in their colourful graphic quality. Reminiscent of Matisse’s paper cut-outs, these images have fluid, exaggerated and almost lyrical forms. Moving in varying degrees towards abstraction, the anatomy of these forms is broken down into pattern and embedded symbolic imagery. Perhaps in their subtlety, these works speak to the interconnection and dependence of human existence on agriculture and nature.

Curated and organized by the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery with funding assistance from the City of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Arts Board, SaskCulture, Saskatchewan Lotteries, and the Canada Council for the Arts. Toured through OSAC’s Arts on the Move program.

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